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"I just need a simple website" - Every Person Ever

A good website or web app takes a lot of thought, creativity, experience and time. Many people embark on having a custom site or web app made without realizing the investment it takes. If you are setting up a basic blog or portfolio and don’t want to spend over $500, we recommend checking out an awesome service like or

Remember, a bad website is easy to make. If you are ready to take the next step and have a custom site or theme built for you, consider what will be the best choice for you or your company in the long run. There are plenty of agencies that will produce low quality work fast and for not a lot of money.

You don’t want just a beautiful site. You want a site that's both beautiful and easy for your users to navigate and use. Your users should leave feeling accomplished and inspired to share your page with others. At CollectDev we create just that; beautiful, memorable and easy-to-use sites and applications.

If you have decided you do want to have a custom site or theme built for you, let’s figure out what exactly it is that you need!

Basic Front End Webpage

$500 +

A basic front end webpage includes a responsive design and impletementation of simple concepts such as text, headers, images, a [responsive] navigation and a footer.

It is not editable to the client, unless client is familiar with editing HTML and CSS content. Webpage can be edited and maintained by CollectDev for an hourly rate available upon request.

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Basic Front End Webpage w/Backend

$1,000 +

What is the “backend” anyway? Let’s put it like this: You will get two webpage links, one for your customers and viewers and another “admin” version for you to edit your site with at any time.

This package includes a basic front-end, and usage of a backend content management system like wordpress or other. Custum CMS can be created upon request, contact for rates.

Extra Functionality Webpage w/Backend


Search Bar? Awesome! SEO? OK! We can implement just about any functionality into your site. Here’s an idea of what we can do for you:

- Search Bar
- Animations
- Featured daily, weekly, or monthly products
- Google Maps
- Facebook, Outlook, Google API's +

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